Sunday, 11 April 2010

Christine Hewitt

In my practice as an artist, I am interested with truth and the ability to capture a holistic view of a moment in time, in which space captures time. I wish to understand art as a means of reaching past the everyday, past something of this world.

I will be looking at the function of art in today’s world in being something that extends of knowledge and understanding of existence. I would like to challenge the notion of God‐made objects that bring about this revelation and contrast the manmade objects (art). We want to know to understand what we see around us, I would like to create work that requires relearning what we perceive. Perpetual exercises formed by the capture and the denial of space and light.

As this will be a moving exhibition, I will make the same work specific to the country. I will be abstracting a negative space from an unnoticed element of the local natural landscape and juxtaposing it against itself in the opposite direction. My work will aim to challenge the ability to capture the 3-d existence of this world in a photographic image and then project it into the 3-d in a different way.

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