Sunday, 11 April 2010

Mark Ferrill

Recently my work has involved finding materials that are found from construction sites such as scaffolding poles and then manipulating through rusting, cutting, and bending. The work seems to grapple against the ideology of modernist architecture which notions include working in a logical way and ending with a finished polished product. The pieces seem to ask, what happens in-between this logical procedure where some form of expression from the worker needs to exist. They show the making of the hand. Other pieces involve series of hybrids being cobbled together in which they may begin seemingly close to a product but as one follows their progression they become more and more hand interfered with, until they are completely hand made. They may reference in shape a product but simultaneously construct other narratives within them. Such work progresses from previous work such as ‘By-products of Perfection’ (Fig 1.). When attempting to make a perfect product what often is of more interest is the waste material that bares the expression of the hand.

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