Sunday, 11 April 2010

Eva Blanché

In her works Eva Blanché mainly deals with kitsch, stereotypes and irony - and her marked preference for fancy stuff as well as for pattern and wallpapers.
Eva Blanché's pieces are always related to her very personal surrounding - her world through her eyes.
Often she's interested in showing special relationships between the depicted objects - just like "concert shoes" : these girly-pink shoes and a t-shirt with those background-stripes is always part of her dress for visiting indie concerts!
The viewer (without knowing this) is -inspired by the title- sensing a intimate significance of the shoes to the paintress, and sees -considered superficially- former lovely sweetpink shoes in a scruffy condition, seemingly careless dropped.. But in this painting is a futher level..this special pair means not only shoes: it's in some way cuddling up - and as well the upper one is dominant - but both are (ab)used.. what happend ? - The viewer of Eva Blanché's paintings is always invitated to think further, or maybe to cook up a story behind..

Exhibiting just this painting in Dublin is linked to a there based band named well-fitting "The Frames": the paintress fancy experiencing their live show - needless to say with her concert shoes..

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